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Axel Dorothea Talks Relationships in “SimmerDown”

Axel Dorothea, an independent Afropop artist, talks about maintaining good relationships in his newest single, “SimmerDown.”

Axel Dorothea

axel dorothea
Courtesy of Axel Dorothea

Born in Curacao and based in the Netherlands, Axel Dorothea is an independent producer, songwriter and musician. He makes all of his music from the comfort of his own bedroom in Groningen. Over the past few years, he’s been slowly building himself and his music from the ground up.

Dorothea specializes in dancehall, hip hop, Afropop and Afrobeats. His songs are very relaxed and calm. Nonetheless, his lyrics often tell stories that are quite personal to him. With working from his bedroom, Dorothea is able to really feel his passion for making music. Because of that, he can continue to work hard at what he loves.

axel dorothea
Courtesy of Axel Dorothea

The producer has several posts and reels on Instagram that showcase his home studio. As a growing artist, Dorothea likes to keep in touch with his listeners by continuously being active on social media, whether that’s his Instagram, his TikTok or his Twitter.

“SimmerDown” and The Story Behind It

Axel Dorothea’s latest song is “SimmerDown.” The song is about keeping a good relationship and not taking your partner for granted. With a soft lofi piano, filtered synthesizers and Dorothea’s distant vocals, “SimmerDown” relaxes listeners, while also reminding them to be considerate and understanding of their partners.

axel Dorothea simmerdown
Courtesy of Axel Dorothea

In the press release for the single, Dorothea says, “I used to struggle with expressing feelings because expressing my feelings makes me appear weak and vulnerable.” However, he eventually became more comfortable communicating his feelings. When writing “SimmerDown,” Dorothea says he was reminded of how he used to be. He also now understood that “opening up is an opportunity to grow as a person” and how, in doing so, he would find “deep satisfaction” in his relationships. Clearly, Dorothea created “SimmerDown” with much care and thoughtfulness.

“SimmerDown” follows the recent releases of his previous two singles, “Pasó” and “Dame.” Both of those songs were on his May EP, Moombahroad.

Check out more of his music on his SoundCloud and Spotify. Listen to “SimmerDown” below!

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