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MD Discovery: ASTN’s Debut Album is Here

ASTN’s debut album revolves around heartbreak and uncertainty. Ultimately, trying to find an answer to the uneasy question of how to move on. Where Do We Go From Here? explores loneliness and jealousy through a seamless fusion of hard-hitting beats and organic instrumentation.

The Road to Debut

Much of ASTN’s work has its roots in R&B, hip-hop, and jazz. Using elements from all three wielding to form an incredibly unique sound. ASTN, or Austin Sanders, uses these influences to craft a moody yet laid-back feel to his sound. His music seems to effortlessly adapt to his rich storm of emotions, ranging from a quiet whisper to heavy bass-boosted beats.

This prowess is made possible by Austin’s early command and understanding of music – he first grew an interest in music at 3 years old. As a toddler he experimented with a drum set, sparking a passion for music that grew along with Austin. Over the years, his sound evolved and developed a personal flair made apparent in his first EP Tell Your Friends. With the release of several more EPs and a series of viral TikTok remixes, ASTN then grew a considerable following. Most recently, he has released his first album to an audience of nearly 3 million monthly listeners.

The debut album Where Do We Go From Here? is the culmination of a lifetime of music production, heightened by the intensity of its themes surrounding heartache and the difficult task of starting over.

Moving On

Over the course of the album, relaxed beats evolve and expand into a more striking force alongside ASTN’s raging swirl of emotions. Where Do We Go From Here? begins with “How Soon”, a quieter, guitar-centric track that introduces ASTN’s anxiety and restlessness following a scarring breakup.

“Don’t know where the hell I’m goin’
But it’s better than layin’ here lonely”

– ASTN, “How Soon”

Subsequent tracks like “Be So Cruel” pack more of an underlying anger accompanying a sense of betrayal, with an upfront admission of jealousy. Other tracks like “Far Away” are more introspective, leading the album to weave a wide range of different conclusions and explanations behind the breakup driving the project. Sometimes, the blame is pointed at others, other times at ASTN himself, and sometimes both parties. Tracks glide between different tempos, attitudes, and atmosphere. This almost dichotomous nature of the album is born from the real-life emotional chaos and tender wounds surrounding it, making the album all the more of a raw and genuine snapshot into ASTN’s heartbreak. 

Where Do We Go From Here? cycles through various versions of grief and all of the ugly emotions that come with a grueling separation, constantly teetering between acceptance and anger. Even in a swirl of confusion and overwhelming emotion, ASTN manages to process the pain and urge himself forward.

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