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Ashley Monroe Teases New Album “Rosegold” With Single ‘Drive’

Ashley Monroe has made her big return to music by dropping her newest single, ‘Drive.’ The single is a teaser for her forthcoming album coming out on April 30th, Rosegold. This will be the first project she’s released since her 2018 album Sparrow.

Ashley Explores a Different Sound

The well-known country singer seemed to take a different route in this album, at least that what she shows in ‘Drive.’ The new single, not country at all, gives more of a relaxing, chill alternative vibe. The music video shows Ashley driving around in the middle of nature, a perfect visualizer for the song.

Ashley took to Instagram to announce the big news to her fans as the new single came out. “I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. My new album out⁣ April 30.⁣ First single ‘drive’ is out now⁣ Preorder at link in bio.” In a press release, Ashley shared about the single, “Every move we made was instinctive, but it was also intentional. I found myself wanting to see how drastic the change from a verse to a chorus could be, or looking for places where the beat could drop out and then give you chills when it comes back in.”

Rosegold Will Show a Glimpse of Her Life

The Grammy-nominated Nashville-based artist has recently become a mother too, and she explains that consequently, Rosegold will be a little different from what we have heard from her before. “I’ve always been good at writing sad songs because I’ve experienced a lot of sadness in my life,” she reflects. “When my son was born, though, it was like some sort of innocence got plugged back into my heart. I’d never really felt that kind of joy before, and I wanted to find a way to make it last. I told everyone I was working with that I didn’t want even a hint of sadness this time around. I wanted to embrace all the light and love in my life and find ways to share it with people.”

She also shared the tracklist of the new album recently! Check it out below. Which song are you most excited to listen to?

Rosegold Tracklist:

  1. Siren
  2. Silk 
  3. Gold
  4. See
  5. Drive
  6. Flying 
  7. Groove 
  8. ‘Til It Breaks 
  9. I Mean It 
  10. The New Me 
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