Alissic Unveils New Single “Piano”

This past week, alternative upcoming pop act Alissic releases her new song and video. “Piano” is only the second song out by the new musician, but it has the potential to be a hit.

Piano” is the dark sound of a scorned lover turning tables on their ex. The video accompanying the single is a fantasy themed tale in a world where humans have frog heads. The idea was conceived by Alissic, who also co-directed alongside husband Oli Sykes.

Of the song Alissic says, “It is mainly about seeing people moved by ego. Trying to make some statement [of self-ownership and power] while also understanding the fight they’re having with themselves.” The song is the latest glimpse into Alissic’s universe following the standout debut single “Like,” which has over half a million views on YouTube alone.

She continues in a press release saying,”I wanted to write something that showed the other side. The whole story is about a prince who self-harms, I’m here to help, but the prince is so caught up in his own world that he doesn’t see it.”

Is Alissic The New Face Of Pop?

Raised in the Brazilian countryside, Alissa Salls, has been conjuring sounds from strange things ever since she was a child. Now with a following of over 340,000 on Instagram alone she is quickly making a name. After signing a newly inked deal with Ministry Of Sound/RCA Records, Alissic has gained 2 million streams so far and is pop music’s most audacious new star.

Inspired by 2000’s pop, Alissic fuses unusual sounds to create a new twist on pop. Her trendy aesthetic and sound are probably why the new artist has been so well received and popular early on.

As for now, Alissic only has two songs to her name, with only one of them released this year. And although there are no plan for a tour or anything like that we hope to see a project come before the end of 2021.

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