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A Journey Through Feid’s “MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad”

October was not only Bad Bunny’s and Drake’s. Many other artists have some very interesting projects on the way and need to be recognized for their courage. One of them is the Colombian rapper/singer Feid, who dropped his latest album, MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad. But who’s Feid you may ask… Well, let us introduce him. 

Feid, or Ferxxo, was born in Medellin, Colombia. He started becoming known in 2017 thanks to the collabs with fellow countrymen J Balvin and Nacho. 

The success of his first album, Asi como suena, got Feid on a Billboard chart for the first time. Only two years later, his album was nominated for Best Urban Album at the Latin Grammys. After that came a list of several hits with his name on them (“Hey Mor,” “PORFA Remix,” “Mojando Asientos”) and an album that got a lot more attention than he probably expected. 

As of October 2023, Feid is one of the hottest in the Latin industry. He likes to experiment with genres such as hip hop, R&B, afrobeat and reggaeton. And his latest album, MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad, follows in this same direction.

With its compelling narratives and cross-genre appeal, the new project has definitely the potential to resonate with a global audience. MOR, No Le Temas a La Oscuridad wants to solidify Feid’s status as a trailblazer in the contemporary Latin music scene. 

Time for Ferxxo to get what he deserves.

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