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A Diamond Waiting: Jamie Beale & ‘Hello Nimbus’

Alright everybody, before I get into details about Jamie Beale and the absolutely amazing Hello Nimbus I gotta ask… How does he only have double digit subs on YouTube?! The man has a fantastic sound and immaculate aesthetic. It’s right up my alley and if you’re like me, well I think you’ll love it too! Let’s get into it! 

Jamie Beale has a fantastic sound and immaculate aesthetic and his most recent release is the absolutely amazing 'Hello Nimbus.'
‘Hello Nimbus’ By Jamie Beale Album Cover.

Jamie Beale Is A Diamond Waiting

When you go ahead and start up Hello Nimbus you’ll be treated to a cinematic intro that explodes with “Borderline.” It’s honestly impressive to me how Jamie Beale caught my ears so quickly. Granted, this is literally my kind of music. It’s pop rock that’s got a little more rock in it, so it’s fantastic to hear. Just take a listen with the video below or click here

But guess what? That’s not the only vibe. There’s a supremely funky time to be had with “King Godzilla” by Beale and I ain’t mad at that. For the third highlight, I’d have to give it to “The Rain,” so feel free to check it out here

Jamie Beale sings and rocks out with an incredibly intoxicated presentation and aesthetic. Escapism has never been so pleasing to me. So you’ve got ten tracks to dive into with Jamie Beale, and it’s all at your fingertips. Will you take the trip? For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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