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’90s Punk Rock Band Garbage Drops New EP “Lie To Me”

'90s alternative legend Garbage is finally back with the release of their newest extended play, 'Lie To Me.'
Garbage ‘Lie To Me’ EP cover art

A Living Legacy

In a single word, Garbage is sleazy. For nearly 30 years, their punkish sound has been characterized by its powerful bite. Each of their seven albums is caked in dirt, complete with writhing, brain-tickling guitar riffs and booming drums. Frontwoman Shirley Manson’s relaxed delivery of stabbing lyrics ties everything together perfectly. Since their debut in the ’90s, Garbage has been innovating some of the slimiest, crunchiest songs in the alternative scene. Their newest EP, Lie To Me, is no exception to the rule.

Lie To Me rumbles with a similar energy to the self-titled album that started it all in 1995. “Better Not Lie To Me” is big and bold, with catchy riffs giving the song a staying power. “Revenge and Hurt” takes an interesting shift into the realm of trip-hop, and has an energy eerily reminiscent of “You Look So Fine” from 1998’s Version 2.0.

“Song to the Siren” slows things down to let each sonic texture breathe and develop. “Bad Boyfriend” puts a new spin on an old Garbage classic. Lie To Me as a whole manages to pull upon and expand on each of the different eras of Garbage. Above all, it oozes with the same uncertainty and melancholy that envelops each release.

Moving Forward

Lie To Me represents a big moment in Garbage’s history—after all, this EP is home to their first newly composed tracks in three years. Just before dropping this EP, Garbage released the remastered mix of their 2004 album, Bleed Like Me. The timing of these two releases might just indicate that the British-American band is ramping up for more.

At the very least, they’re gearing up for a huge summer tour kicking off in Segrate. From June through September, they’ll be playing in Lausanne, Tilburg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Köln, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bridlington. The final leg of the tour will run through Wolverhampton, Manchester, London, Mexico and Dana Point. Tickets are available on Garbage’s website.

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