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▶ Featured Artist: Junny

From Canada to Korea for his musical journey

Growing k-pop star Junny is a Korean-Canadian singer, songwriter and producer  born in Korea and raised in Vancouver since he was four years old. He then moved back to Korea to pursuit his career. The artist debuted with his 2017 EP “Monochrome.” Since the album, Junny released four others EPs, including 2017 incredible “A.G.E“.

Junny is now member of the crew ØFFSHORE, a Korean crew composed of 9 members. These are iHwak, MirrorBOY, HNMR, Royal Dive, Jomalxne, RoseInPeace, Def. and Junny.


Junny’s beginning

Junny has dreamed of being a pop star since his first years in Vancouver. Surrounded by music since his young age, the artist began his journey posting songs on SoundCloud.

“After graduating college and putting up songs on the internet, then eventually seeing my SoundCloud listeners grow, I felt more confident in the music I made. So, I decided to take on a newer challenge because I loved what I was doing and I wanted to make music for the rest of my life.”

Aspiring for a career in music, after college the young artist moved to Korea. “I decided to move to Korea because I was deeply connected to Korean music since I was a kid and it just felt natural to go back to a country I was born in,” Junny said.

“My dream at that moment was just to have a career in music and make a living, and now that I achieved that goal, I want to pursue the dream that got me making music in the first place and that is becoming a successful artist.”


Junny’s most recent success is the single “HIDE & SEEK,” released in November 2021. The song is very personal. In fact, the artist decided to write about his emotions and the sense of loneliness. He captured “those emotions you could feel as a child and relate it to feelings that we have as adults.”

“This song describes my loneliness and how much I want my friends to come find me first. It’s like playing hide and seek as a child, […] if you’re so amazing at hiding, your friends might end up forgetting and just start playing without you.”

The deep lyrics is in contrast with the colourful and addicting rhythm of the music.

“I intentionally wanted this song to have an energetic, bright, and colorful sound because anyone can feel lonely and I wanted listeners to know that they are not alone! Perhaps listening to this song could help,”

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