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▶ Featured Artist: The Backseat Lovers Release “Growing/Dying”

The consistent tug between opposing sides can be seen everywhere. Whether it’d be in politics, religions, or even the best ice cream flavor. Yet, no pair of opposites are as fundamental to understanding one another and essential to the human experience than life and death. So, logically, within the entire history of artistic expression, there’s been many attempts at understanding it. Music is no stranger to this. Which brings me to the latest band to take a stab at the dichotomy; this is The Backseat Lovers and “Growing/Dying”. 



The Backseat Lovers Are Plants Of Sorts:

Let me elaborate. The opening lyrics are perfect in understanding the themes and how the rest of the song plays out. 


Why does the plant on the windowsill reflect my state of mind?

Growing and dying all the time


That relationship of constantly feeling as if things end as they begin or vice versa is a really human thing. What follows is the next very human thing: wanting to know. The Backseat Lovers ask the questions as to why things happen and why they happen within that dichotomy. Then ponder about how great it would be to know when those things were going to happen. 

Whether it’d be for the sake of emotional and mental preparation or even stopping it from happening. These are vague yet specific feelings we can all pinpoint in our experiences. On a first listen, I didn’t really get that from this song. After a couple more it all started to sink in. Give it a shot yourselves to see what I mean by clicking the image above! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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