Lenka Resides in Her Own “Ivory Tower”

Since last year’s Discover EP, Australian singer and actress Lenka is back with her first solo single of the year, “Ivory Tower.”

Lenka Creates a Real-Life “Ivory Tower”

It is no secret that Lenka has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. She has acted in projects for Nickelodeon and Old Navy, alongside having a singing career as well. Last year, she didn’t only release one solo EP, but two of them. Her February 2020 EP Recover was quickly followed by Discover, released only two weeks later.

Lenka shared, “I’m very excited to share with you a new song I wrote last year. It’s called ‘Ivory Tower’ and I had a huge amount of fun creating it with Sydney-based producer and artist Dave Jenkins Jr.”

“The song is mostly sung from the perspective of a character; I was trying to get inside the head of the archetype of the modern-day ‘rich b*tch’ princess; stuck in a fancy tower of her own creation, while the world crumbles around and she does nothing to help. She just enjoys power, corruption, and destruction. So it’s sort of a social commentary but I was trying to imagine the sympathetic things she tells herself and relate…”

“Then it’s all framed within a track that conjures up 80s synth-pop and a reveling in decadence and vanity. Cue manic laughter: Bahahaha! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…”

Creating a World of Animation

“Ivory Tower” came accompanied by a vastly creative music video. In it, Lenka lives in a real-life “Ivory Tower,” where she resides all the way on the top of it. The video shares beautiful and colorful animation that accompanies Lenka in her adventure. “To be honest it came from the creativity needed when you’re in lock-down and only have limited ways to create,” she said to Pop Wrapped. “It’s quite liberating I found. I just put on a wig one day and shot myself selfie-style in my daughters’ bedroom. Then I hired an animator to create a world of towers to be the windows holding me inside. It has a degraded vintage MTV video aesthetic, which we thought suited the song quite well.”

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