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Faye Webster Drops Reimagined “Suite: Jonny” on New EP

Atlanta’s Faye Webster is a young indie artist mixing airy folk and soulful R&B to create her own unique sound. And now, she’s adding classical to the list of genres she blends so effortlessly. Her latest project, the Car Therapy Sessions EP reimagines tracks from 2019’s Atlanta Millionaires Club and 2021’s I Know I’m Funny haha with the help of a 24-piece orchestra. The EP also features the new track “Car Therapy,” a celestial sounding song detailing a vicious heartbreak. The Car Therapy Sessions EP was released on April 29 via Dead Oceans Records.

“Suite: Jonny”

The standout track on the EP is “Suite: Jonny.” The song marries the Atlanta Millionaires Club tracks “Jonny” and “Jonny (Reprise).” Webster’s lyricism is painfully honest, like her stream of consciousness pondering if Jonny ever loved her. Delicate strings carry the track as Faye Webster ends with a spoken word outro sounding reminiscent of a monologue from a 1950s flick.

Faye Webster writes of the song: “This is the song that sparked the whole concept for this project for me. It’s also one of the first songs that I ever wrote that I felt was truly honesty and had true transparency, which I think is maybe why so many people relate to it. I wanted to be able to relive this song in a way that felt new at the same time, which is why I really like the direction that Trey took these orchestral arrangements.”

Wanna know more about the folk-tinged R&B sounds of this indie singer? Check out our Featured Artist profile on Faye Webster. In addition to supporting Haim on the road this summer, Faye Webster embarks on a North American Summer tour. She’ll hit 12 cities across the US and Canada. Click here to see a full list of Faye’s upcoming tour and festival dates.

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