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Elton John,The Beatles & Rolling Stones Honored With Home Collection

Rock fans, listen up: new luxury pieces are now available to enhance your rock collection! In fact, a new luxury home decor collection was released to honor rock musicians Elton John, The Beatles & Rolling Stones. Jay Strongwater Rock Boxes released a special box collection to celebrate the artists.

Rock Boxes: Jay Strongwater luxury collection

Jay Strongwater is honoring Elton John, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones with a special luxury box collection. “Rock Boxes” includes pieces with 14k gold plating and over 1,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals. The line presents three different pieces, each representing the different rock legends.

Homage To Most Famous Rock Icons

Elton John’s homage is a red piano, in which his wig-wearing figure is embedded. The piece aims to enhance the beauty and artistic power of the artist. Notably, the red piano presents over six thousand individual Swarovski crystals!

Next, Strongwater chose the notorious Rolling Stones to be the representation of the band in the collection. Starting from the 60s, the logo is one of the biggest pop culture symbols. Representing the band since their origins, the red tongue is a homage to the goddess Kali from Hindu religion. To point out, the red tongue is still one of the most memorable and recognizable music logos. The Rolling Stones homage includes thousands of Swarovski crystals.

In addition, they honor The Beatles with the iconic Yellow Submarine. This symbol represents the most famous band in history. Honoring the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, the yellow and white Swarovski work is one of most iconic moments in music history.

rock legends collection

Crafted in America, each piece of the rock collection starts at $8,900 each. The line can be found at the Jay Strongwater official website.

Jay Strongwater will add other pieces to the Rock Box collection. The brand is planning to release new art pieces seasonally, starting early next year. Once again, the new upcoming insertions will celebrate some of the most iconic music artists in history.

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